Saturday, August 1, 2009


I was going to blog about My store "Menlosopy" and show you some of the outfits. I IM'ed Eve Express, designer and creator or Body by Eve Skins and Shapes to get one of her new male skins. Now Eve is my closest friend, just after Jula. I tried not to ask for a skin very often, because I end up with every fat pack she has.
Eve has been perfecting all of her skins over the last few months. I think she has perfected the male and female skins with her Sheen line!
Eve is very detailed when it comes to the body. She spends hours on the torso. Her back, torso and legs are some of the best in SL! (Both the female and male skins.)
So ladies and gentelmen if you are looking for an makeover you need to stop by. You can pick up some new skins and shapes from body by Eve (BBE), mens wear by Menlosopy, and womens, by Shouted Couture. I also have some killer ladies boots for only 50 Lindens!
There are only 5 shops, so your shopping experience is lag free! I think the picture above said it all "Hummm Nice"!

IM Kasen Kazan inworld and I will send you a landmark!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aloha!! That is Aloha shirts from Shiki Designs. Time to hit the beaches, that is after you hit Shiki Designs for their new Aloha Shirts. Now I have yet to blog about gifts from designers, I feel that most bloggers will not be honest in giving a truthful review cause their gravy train might get cut off. After 7 months of getting items from Shiki Designs, I can honestly say that it is well worth the Lindens to shop there. If you are looking for that nice tropical look, waste no time getting to Shiki Designs.
The shirt on the left is Brown Ginger , the one on the right is Flowers. They retail for 220L's and that includes 4 layers, plus a nice prim collar.
Summer 2009 Aloha Shirts comes in 10 designs.
Yes I broke down and did this review on a designer's gift, but they do outstanding work, which is hard to find in mens clothes in SL.
So as you head for the beach, stop by Shiki Designs and pick up some Aloha Shirts!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Two Weeks!!!

I was very lucky tonight!! I was tp to someones private home and shown a sneak peek of a new mens complete fashion line!! In just 2 weeks, there will be a very big release show! Two of SL's best know designers have teamed up to create this Fashionista line for SL's Fashionista's Male.
When I say complete line, I mean COMPLETE LINE for men. The colors, the textures, I thought I was in Milan, at the biggest fashion show of the year! I begged, I cried, just wanting to own just one item from this line! ( and no amount of Lindens helped!)
So for the next two weeks, I will be in a state of sadness. Keep close by, I will let you know what I can find out. Till then men, start saving your Lindens!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is it worth it?

I was reading over some modeling academy's price list, It really is amazing how much some of these places charge!

Ewing charges 10,000 lindens!! What really gets me, is they set up an interview with people wanting to enter their modeling academy. I can see the interview now.
"Tell us why you want to be a model?" "Well if we decide to accept you"
Something tells me that if you was to walk up and fork over 10,000 lindens, they are going to accept you!
"After all interviews are finished, successful applicants will be notified and invited to register for classes. More information on the training course can be found at the EFA website"
Successful applicants? (I guess they mean if you have the 10,000L's.) At the end of their sales pitch, they go on to tell that some of their models have won so and so modeling events and such.
Is it really worth paying 10K to learn how to be a "model?" Can they promise that you will make back the lindens you spent on the course?
Is a modeling academy the way to go if you want to break into modeling?
Let's look at some of SL's top models and see if it is worth it?
One of the most famous models in SL is Mimi Boa, did she go to a modeling school?
Chalice Carling, has she went to one? The most famous model in my eyes, Jula Carnell I know for a fact did not attend a modeling academy/school.
She worked her butt off to get where she is today! I did have a talk with her about modeling schools, and she did say that they do help. If only to have it in ones profile.
So I would say that yes a modeling school can help. Is it worth 10,000L's? Only someone who has paid that kind of cash can answer that. But I do know that Le Belle Facon Academy offers, the same training taught, by SL's most sought after model (Jula Carnell). Jula goes that extra step in offering small classes. Jula will be the first to tell you it takes more to be a model than looking pretty, and she will personally walk you though every step in becoming a successful model. Le Belle Facon's 5,000 Linden course will teach you everything you need to know, that other agencies that are charging up to 10,000L's. Can we make you one of SL's top models? I am sorry to say the answer to that is "NO"! Only with a lot of hard work can you make that happen.
So if a modeling school/academy promises you, that they can make you famous, walk away.
But if you are serious about being a model, and are willing to work hard and put in the time, contact Jula Carnell, at Le Belle Facon Academy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"When a designer makes a would be model buy her designs to be considered for a job."

The other night, I was doing some work at the "Academy of Performing Arts" when a notice from SL Models popped up. Seems that Ravissant's was having a model search. It had been awhile that I had done any modeling, and thought I would give it a shot. I had an application sent to me. I started to fill it out, then the small print caught my eye.

"Reminder: Please attach below a Headshot and a full body shot with an outfit from Ravissant desgins ONLY"

I had never heard of Ravissant Designs before, nor had any of their designs.
I proceeded to fill out the application anyway, figuring that they were looking for professional models.
When I got down to the part to put the pictures in, I attached a profile shot and body shot and added " (Sorry I don't own any Ravissant)
I will go and check out Ravissant's and see if I like any of their clothes, but I do not believe one should buy something to be considered for an modeling assignment. Just standards I live by."
Well I knew I would not get the job before I even sent it!
It is designers such as the owner of Ravissant that turn a lot of young ambitious models away from modeling. Someone just starting out as an model, would be hesitant to spend Lindens on clothes, without knowing for sure If they would get the assignment.
I do hope that designers would be more proud and confident of their creations, that they would not have to try and come up with with ways to get people to buy their clothes!
So Ravissant I give you a big thumbs down!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Butterfli meets Shouted Couture

by Thalia Svoboda
As I looked around Shouted Couture today a particular piece caught my eye, a mix of sexy sophistication and monochrome chic, I am of course talking about the outfit called "Fashion News White". The Outfit consists of a fitted white jacket with monochrome news print effect on both the high collar and cuffs, skinny news print effect pants depicting Betty Boop and various other fashion images, uber glamorous white boots with silver star detail and a rather classic looking chunky silver belt with black buckle. If that got your fashion buds tingling then you'll be pleased to know it also comes in black.

This outfit designed by the fabulous Jador Fashion is a perfect example of her timeless and almost poetic designs, with her extraordinarily high standards of detail it is easy to see why this Italian designer has made such a name for herself. One of the first lucky women to wear this ensemble was the stunning Butterfli Sorbet of LeBelle Facon Modells. I caught up with her to see what she thought of the outfit.

Thalia Svoboda: Hi Butterfli thanks for joining me

Buttefli Sorbet: What an honor ty :)

T S: Well firstly I have to say you looked amazing in the outfit.

B S: Thank you :)

T S: So what were your thoughts of the outfit when you first saw it?

B S: The black and white caught my eye first... Those are my favorite colors... Then I saw the artsy design and the sexy cut of the jacket.

T S: Would you buy this outfit if you were out shopping?

B S: In a heartbeat, It's a complete outfit, with matching boots :)

T S: It did look amazing on you.

B S: Thank you Thalia :)

T S: You are very welcome. So what do you think of the designers and the work they do?

B S: Love her... she is such a great designer... I did find Jador in the Best of Italian Mall a while back and I already had some Bolero creations.. I really think Italian designers are top of the line.

T S: So... tell me about you, How did you get into modeling?

B S: Funny story... I first started hosting... then got intrigued by my real life sister modeling in SL, then I met someone who was offering modeling lessons, however they turned out to be a scammer and just ran with my money, this very nearly put me off modeling until I met Kasen Kazan, and he said to me " Hey, come to LeBelle... I can help you" which is where I was instructed by Tula Howlett, she was fantastic... love her.

T S: That's terrible, sounds like Kasen and Jula saved your career in modeling?

B S: Yes... I owe so much to those two beautiful people.

T S: So when did you first hear about the shoot for the outfit in question?

B S: Well... Kasen was looking for live models and when he calls I run... hehe. I like to help him out as much as I can :)

T S: So what's next for you?

B S: Modeling... Modeling... Modeling... Hopefully I can make something happen lol

T S: Any projects in the pipeline?

B S: Well I am in the finals for the SL Elegance Competition which is on the 24th of April.

T S: Best of luck with that you have one more person wishing you every success.

B S: Awe Thank You :)

T S: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me

B S: My pleasure... anytime.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photography 101

I thought that since Shouted Couture was having a photo contest, that I would write an article about Photography Studio, and Photography. Does a person need to spend thousands of Lindens on a photography studio? Will they make you look like a million Lindens?
Well the answer to both of those questions is a Big Fat NO!
All a photo studio does is put together in one big prim what you might already have in your inventory. Photo studios just make it easier for you to take the photo.
I have seen thousands of SL pictures over the last couple of years. I would guess that less then 1/4 of the photographers in SL used a studio. They just pop out a prim put a texture on it and Bingo, they have a backdrop!
The art of taking a good photograph is not having a 8k Linden studio, the art is in the editing.
Photo Shop, Gimp, Photo Plus, and a host of others is what makes a good picture. Also we cannot forget your poses and the angle of the shot and lighting has a lot to do with it. I remember doing a photo shoot of a model. She kept telling me to stop using the cheap free poses. Well those cheap free poses that come in photo studios pose stand, may be free and not that great of a pose but I was using different angles while taking pictures. One of those pictures got more positive reviews then some pictures I took using expensive poses. ( I end up ejecting that model)
You might also consider having your pictures taken by a professional photographer. I will tell you to be careful of photographers who do not charge much. A good photographer can take up to 2 hours editing just one photo. It is time consuming, and a lot of work goes into making that picture into a Beautiful Glamor photo! At Di Carnelli's Photography Studios we take pride in making your photo's look their best! Many of our photos have help models win contest, and help them break into the fashion industry. If you are looking for a professional photographer contact us. If you are just looking to have fun break out that SL camera of yours and start taking pictures! If you would like to take a class on SL photography contact me.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shouted Couture Contest!

Have you always wanted to be a model?
Maybe have an extra 5000L's?
Now is your chance!
Shout Couture at Rebeck is having a Photo Contest.􀀀

(This is not a pay to vote contest)

There will be 5 judges.
Rules are very simple.
Take a picture of yourself wearing a Shouted Couture design that is being sold at Shouted Couture at Rebeck. (It does not have to be bought there, but be one of the styles)
The photos will be judged on style, pose, and grace. They do not have to be taken by a professional photographer!!
Attach the photo to a note card then drop it in a folder named "Shouted Couture and your name"
In a brief sentence tell why you love Shouted Couture Designs.
Send it to Kasen Kazan (with full perms)

The Contest will start April 20 and deadline for entries is May 5.

The winner will get 5000L's
A photo shoot by Di Carnelli's Studios
A Shouted Couture design (From Mimi Juneau of Mimi's Choice)
Le Belle Modeling Academy course in modeling.
An invite to become a Le Belle Model
A instore model for Shouted Couture.
Be a runway model in a Shouted Couture Show .

Second Place winner:
Photo shoot by Di Carnelli's Studio
A Shouted Couture design (From Mimi Juneau of Mimi's Choice)
Le Belle Modeling Academy course in modeling.
A instore model for Shouted Couture.

Fashoinista Fashion Shows

Le Belle Facon Modeling Agency gives you the exposure that you are looking for, in getting your beautiful creations seen!
Our goal is getting your creations noticed.
We offer the most affordable fashion agency packages in SL.
Jula Carnell, Chalice Carling, Lorelei Maggs,Butterfli Sorbet,Abandoon Nacht with many other professional models are dedicated to bringing you the best fashion show in SL.
One thing that Le Belle Facon prides itself in, is a drama free experience.
Under the leadership of Tula Howlett and Angelica Kweller, Le Belle Facon's mission is getting you noticed!
Tula Howlett offers those that are looking to become models one of the most intense modeling training courses offered in SL.
Why wait on other modeling schools to fill up a class. Tula works with all of our students in a small group, or one on one setting, at no additional cost.
If you thought that a professional fashion show produced by professional's cost an arm and leg think again!
Not only do we offer very affordable shows for your creations, we also provide a venue to showcase and sell you creations during and after all shows!
Le Belle Facon Agency and Academy works hard to make sure you are getting the best SL has to offer.
Contact Tula Howlett, Angelica Kweller

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Something to SHOUT about ...

Italian Couture ! Over the top chic, you either love it or hate it .... However SHOUTED COUTURE at Rebeck is definitely something to shout about ! The prestige of Italian fashion and its achievement within SL are second to none. Renowned designers, Ziamela Loon ( Jador ) and Amanda Bolero ( Bolero Collection) are the Co founders of the affordable fashion line, Shouted Couture.

Italian fashion always manages to distinguish itself from other designs and this a la mode collection is no exeception. Affordable chic, stamped with the 'Made in Italy' Brand. For anyone who is aware of Loon and Bolera, you will know that their items are made to the highest quality with a rather large price tag attached. However surprising enough, these high fashion ensembles are completely attainable with as little as 125 lindens in your purse, ascertaining the level of notability and eminence they deserve.
Stylecard - Model Lorelei Maggs
CARDINALE "Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Butterfli Sorbet
FASHIONS NEWS"Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Lorelei Maggs
ELIZABETH "Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Butterfli Sorbet

GOLD PETAL"Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Harlee Lane
DIANA WHITE"Shouted Couture"

Shouted Couture!, Fashionwear with a difference.

by Jula Carnell
Photos- Jula Carnell

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life Style of a Fashionista

Being a Fashionista is more than a look, it is a lifestyle. Everything you say or do. The way you live says alot about you. After spending the last few weeks working at Di Carnelli's Landscaping and Wedding Center, I thought I would start to do some articles on living the fashionista life.
So with this one I decided to start with the house exterior. For Jula and me, the outside of our home is where we spend the most of our time. Lounging on the porch, in the pool, or the dance area is a very relaxing experience for us. These pictures were taken at Di Carnelli's Landscaping and Wedding Center.

Jula's favorite place at Di Carnelli's is the veggie patch. She can spend hours there. Well till she see a bug, then she runs screaming "Mr K, Mr K!
My favorite part of Di Carnelli's is the Cactus garden. Most of the cactus can be seen at the Ranch house, our weekend get away. Di Carnelli's has the largest selection of cactus in SL!
Truly Scrumptious Confectionary is Jula's cake shop. These cakes are truly a scrumptious Fashionista! Let Jula custom design your cake. She does cakes for all occasions. It is a labor of love to her!
Di Carnelli's Landscaping and Wedding Center has a very large selection of flowers and plants to give your house or business the Fashionista Look! We are very honored that Margie Snookums a master gardner, has relocated to Di carnelli's. Margie is well known in SL for her beautiful Climbers and orchids. So if you are looking for that specical plant or wedding decoration Di Carnelli's is the place the Fashionista's go.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Houston, we have a problem!

For a month now, I have been having a very bad time.
I know that Fashionista is not a place to post personal problems, but I am at wits end!
I am sure I am going to upset some people with the next statement.
You see I am married to the most beautiful person in Second Life. Now before you start to question that statement, let me tell you a little about Jula Carnell.
I met Jula on her second day in Second Life.
From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that she was the one I wanted to spend my Second Life and Real Life with.
I even hired her to work for me, just to be close to her. ( It was hard for me to keep finding something for her to do at a job that ran on it own.)
We have had our fair share of ups and downs, just as in any relationship.
Mostly because of me, but I won't take all of the credit!
Jula will go out of her way to help anyone that she can.
One time she spent the day helping a girl who wanted to be a model, gave her clothes, lindens, and told her what to buy . The girl never even said thank you! Jula I love you because I know you would do it again.
Jula, got me on flickr, gave me a desire for fashion, photography and modeling.
Jula loves modeling more than anyone I know. she is one damn model, who works her heart out doing it. Jula would give it all up for me, if I asked her.
Jula I love you.
She is always there for me in Second Life, and Real Life.
We talk for hours everyday, sometime not even speaking a word for the longest time, but just knowing she is there, is all that matters. We finish each other sentences, have the same thoughts on most things.
We are getting ready to renew our love for each other. Two years of happiness, two years of love.
I love you Jula Carnell, more than you will ever know.
I did not come to SL to fall in love, but I am so happy that I have!
Second Life and Real Life will end one day, but my love for you will last forever.
Now getting back to my problem, you see Jula has just about every piece of Jewelry that can be found in SL. She has just about every fashion designer's creations. So what do I get her for Valentines Day?
Jula all I can give you is my love. All I can give you is my complete devotion. This is all I can give you. The only thing is, you already have it.
I love you Jula,
Have a Happy Valentines Day.
Mr. K

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Fashion Legend

Just as in real life, our second life has it's ups and downs.
I was at the Opium Sim Grand reopening, enjoying seeing old friends and making new ones, when I glanced over and saw a familar face. A few years older, but still as glamous as always. She was standing by herself. As I approached her she quickly turned to go. I reached out and grabed her arm. Nicki Glam was one of Second Life's first top models. She had every agency after her, She graced the cover of every SL magazine in one month! She was the cover girl for SL Swim and SL Vogue for a combined 12 times, a record that still stands today, then suddenly she disappeared. There have been rumors of her turning up at different fashion events, but no real hard evidence. That is till now!
She hurried to put on her sunglasses and lowered her head as we exchanged greetings. ( We had met a couple of years ago, she had just agreed to do an interview with me, before she mysteriously dropped out of the fashion world.)
As we chit chatted I began to notice that this was not the over confident "I'm on top of the world" Nicki Glam that I once knew. This Nicki Glam was more timid, shallow and colder. Almost to the point of being rude!
The Opium fashion show was just getting started, I told her how nice it was to see her again and that I needed to get back to the show. I said good bye and as I turned away she grabbed my arm and said " I still owe you an interview" she handed me a sticky note with a phone number scratched on it, and told me to call her the next day then disappeared.
The next day I called Nicki, and we met at the harlem sim, just outside of the Apollo Theater. She proceeded to lead me accross the street and up the stairs of an old rundown apartment building. We walked up 4 flights of stairs before we reached her flat. I was overwhelmed as I entered. The walls were all covered with pictures of Nicki when she was at the height of her career, it was like stepping back in time. We sat at a small table overlooking the Apollo.
She told me I could ask one question and one question only.
There had always been rumours about Nicki concerning drugs,drinking and her sex life. What could I ask ? After several minutes I asked......
That simple question turned out to be her life story, from the first modeling job she got until the moment I saw her at Opuim.
As she begain her story, those enchanting eyes of her's had a far way look as if she was reliving her past all over again.
This is Nicki's story in her own words.

The first week in SL I got a job as a dancer at a sleeze bar. The same one Anshe started at, but she had left by the time I started. I think most models start as dancers, well the first ones in the fashion world that is. Models are no different than dancers. Both stand around waiting to be noticed. Putting on that fake smile, telling how beautiful each other look. A Dancer's life revolves around a pole, model's around a camera, both of us putting on a show when that spot light hits. Then going back to our lonely life. Wondering if we can aford to pay rent, or buy a new pair of boots at Stiletto Moody. Waiting for that sugar daddy or mama to come along. Waiting for our 15 mintues of fame!
There was this one guy that would come about two nights a week and watch me dance. He was young always smiling, not a good tipper but still sweet. Well one night after work, he asked if I would join him for a cup of coffee. I thought why not, free coffee is better than nothing!
What harm can a man named Frolic do. He turned out to be wonderful company, talking of his big plans building a business empire.
By the time he finished talking about himself the sun was rising. I told him I needed to go, as I got up he stood, and being a gentleman help me into my coat. He walked me to my home. As I stood on the bottom step, he bent down and our lips touched. My heart raced. It had been along time since I kissed a man. Just as soon as the kiss started it ended, as he pulled back. Our eyes locked, then he turned and parted.
I did not see him for awhile. Every night as I danced my eyes glued on the entrance hoping he would come through.
The night he did come back, is when my life changed.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

And the Trophy goes to...............

Best mens shoes- Redgrave
Best mens slacks- Redgrave
Best mens shirts- Redgrave
Best lag- REDGRAVE!
I love shopping at Redgrave, I just do not like going at 12:00 am slt when there is less lag.
As successful as Redgrave is they should open a couple of more stand alone stores.

Best Mall design- LE.Look
Best selection for males- LE.Look
Best selection for females- LE.Look
Best designers in one place-LE.Look
Best lag- LE.LOOK!

The day LE.LOOK opened I fell in love! Had to be the best shopping experience in SL. I went everyday for two weeks spending a couple of hours there everyday. Then Second Life's worst enemy stepped in, LAG!
In Second Life people try to be a success, to become in SL something that is alot harder to do in RL. I guess just like being a RL success, Second Life has it's price to pay. Long hours and hard work to make ones dreams come true. The price of being successful in SL has to be LAG, you know you hit the big time when it takes your customers several minutes and several crashes to go from one store to another. It is with great sadness that I will not be shopping at Redgrave and LE.LOOK anytime soon, unless I sneak away after 12:00am slt.
If any of you can bare to put up with the lag, and you feel like buying me a gift from Redgrave or LE.LOOK, send it my way, till then I'm shopping lag free!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When Fashion calls for desperate measures.

" Greta Garbo, and Monroe
Dietrich and DiMaggio
Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean
On the cover of a magazine
Grace Kelly, Harlow, Jean
Picture of a beauty queen
Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire
Ginger Rogers, dance on air
They had style, they had grace
Rita Hayworth gave good face
Lauren, Katharine, Lana too
Bette Davis, we love you"

When Modonna released Vogue she hit fashion on the head!
I have noticed that Second Life fashion agencies are scraping the bottom of the barrel with their fashion shows. Just within the last five days, two of SL's fashion agencies have put on some very different type of fashion shows.
One was tat's and jeans, the other "model their best fetish gear" of latex and leather. Now I am sure the models enjoyed the 500 or so Lindens they made from doing the show, but is it fashion?
Believe it or not, it is the designers with the help of the fashion agencies, magazines and blogs who help set fashion trends in Second Life. I know that there are a lot more tats, jeans, and latex being bought than Fashionista style of clothes, but would it be defined as fashion? I would take Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Fashion over tats and latex any day!
So anyone know when an agency is going to do a tee shirt show?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dead End Runway

Runway shows are a thing of the past.
One of the hardest jobs in SL has to be running a fashion agency.
Not only are you running all over trying to find a designer willing to pay for a show, you also have a pool of models that you keep trying to find work for. As the CEO of Le Belle Facon, I have realized that runway shows are dying off. So I will tell you why I think Runway shows are a thing of the past.
The number one reason for me is LAG, along with CRASH and Burn!
A few weeks ago I went to a sim that was having a runway show, it took me 25 mintues before I could get in, the sim was full, so the only way I could get in was when someone crashed. It would usually be a model that would crash. There were whispers that people was being asked to leave or being ejected so the models could tp back, now I do not know if it was true, but knowing some agencies, I would not doubt it.
Another thing you have to take into consideration is the numbers.
Let say a fashion agency is having a show, with 3 different designers, charging 15,000L's per designer, that is 45,000L's.
Lets say the agency is using 15 models, plus 5 staff members, the 3 designers and their friends, That totals up to 23 people involve in the show.
I have been to shows that the runway sat in 4 corners of sims, people were crashing with 65 people on the sims. Most class 5 sims start crashing at about 50 or about 60 people on them. Let just say to me, the 15,000 Lindens are not worth it! Take away the 23 or so people working the show, that leaves only about 30-35 people who are able to see the show. That would mean the designer is paying about 200 per person seeing the show, now add the other two designers, they are paying the agency a combined 600L's per person to see their new creations!
I can think of better ways to spend those Lindens, and have those beautiful creations shown to 100's if not 1,000's of people.
For Le Belle Facon, the runway shows are being swept under the door, as we move on, in helping the designers reach a much larger audience for their Lindens. (Now we will do runway shows if a designer wants one) We would more than be happy to charge you 200L's per person that comes to the show, even if most of them are friends of the models and staff of the agency. A designer spends a lot of long hard hours creating their fantastic designs, so Le Belle Facon will give them what they deserve "EXPOSURE!" So it is time that fashion agencies give the designers what they are paying for! I know I am.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

High Society Hits SL

Finding nice quality mens fashions has always been limited is SL.
This past year, the selection has been getting better.
I recently went to SF Designs to pick up a shirt. What I like about SF Designs is that you get a great quality product, without going broke.
While I was there. I noticed a sign for their "high end" mens and womens fashions, "High Society". Being the picky fashionista that I am , I decided to go have a look.
"High Society" offers a very nice selection of formal mens and womens fashions.
Usually when I pop into a store for the first time, I will buy one item, and try it on before I buy anything else.
That was not the case at High Society! I even had to go to the bank and load up on some lindens, to buy all that I wanted!
The selection that you get for each outfit can't be beat for the prices of their creations. SF Designs you have opened a store, that has earned you the "Fashionista Fashion" award!
All you Fashionista's be sure and check out High Society!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Editor's Fashionista Corner

I was reading a press release from a fashion magazine. I do not know the details of why it was sent to it's group members, since they state in the release "of unbounded good behaviour, and Mr.***** has recently made a number of vitriolic and personal attacks on an SL Designer. ****** Magazine prides itself on it's neutrality,"
So it is not alright for a person to make comments about an SL Designer, but it is alright for a magazine to make "vitriolic and personal attacks" on the person they said did it to a designer!
I can tell you now that Fashionista cares more about fashion and it's readers, than worry about losing an advertiser's Lindens!
We take pride in telling you, our readers if a top sl fashion designer has released a piece of Crap! We take more pride in being able to bring you a review of a fashion creation, before you go out and spend your lindens on that piece of crap!
We might upset a designer here and there, but that is not our intentions, we are here to bring you the latest fashion news, the good and the bad of SL's fashion industry. So while other fashion magazines, bring you the nice and tidy reviews and fashion news, Fashionista will report and do articles on SL fashion ! We may not have the top designers buying ads, but we will have you the readers, and that is what Fashionista is all about!