Thursday, April 23, 2009

"When a designer makes a would be model buy her designs to be considered for a job."

The other night, I was doing some work at the "Academy of Performing Arts" when a notice from SL Models popped up. Seems that Ravissant's was having a model search. It had been awhile that I had done any modeling, and thought I would give it a shot. I had an application sent to me. I started to fill it out, then the small print caught my eye.

"Reminder: Please attach below a Headshot and a full body shot with an outfit from Ravissant desgins ONLY"

I had never heard of Ravissant Designs before, nor had any of their designs.
I proceeded to fill out the application anyway, figuring that they were looking for professional models.
When I got down to the part to put the pictures in, I attached a profile shot and body shot and added " (Sorry I don't own any Ravissant)
I will go and check out Ravissant's and see if I like any of their clothes, but I do not believe one should buy something to be considered for an modeling assignment. Just standards I live by."
Well I knew I would not get the job before I even sent it!
It is designers such as the owner of Ravissant that turn a lot of young ambitious models away from modeling. Someone just starting out as an model, would be hesitant to spend Lindens on clothes, without knowing for sure If they would get the assignment.
I do hope that designers would be more proud and confident of their creations, that they would not have to try and come up with with ways to get people to buy their clothes!
So Ravissant I give you a big thumbs down!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Butterfli meets Shouted Couture

by Thalia Svoboda
As I looked around Shouted Couture today a particular piece caught my eye, a mix of sexy sophistication and monochrome chic, I am of course talking about the outfit called "Fashion News White". The Outfit consists of a fitted white jacket with monochrome news print effect on both the high collar and cuffs, skinny news print effect pants depicting Betty Boop and various other fashion images, uber glamorous white boots with silver star detail and a rather classic looking chunky silver belt with black buckle. If that got your fashion buds tingling then you'll be pleased to know it also comes in black.

This outfit designed by the fabulous Jador Fashion is a perfect example of her timeless and almost poetic designs, with her extraordinarily high standards of detail it is easy to see why this Italian designer has made such a name for herself. One of the first lucky women to wear this ensemble was the stunning Butterfli Sorbet of LeBelle Facon Modells. I caught up with her to see what she thought of the outfit.

Thalia Svoboda: Hi Butterfli thanks for joining me

Buttefli Sorbet: What an honor ty :)

T S: Well firstly I have to say you looked amazing in the outfit.

B S: Thank you :)

T S: So what were your thoughts of the outfit when you first saw it?

B S: The black and white caught my eye first... Those are my favorite colors... Then I saw the artsy design and the sexy cut of the jacket.

T S: Would you buy this outfit if you were out shopping?

B S: In a heartbeat, It's a complete outfit, with matching boots :)

T S: It did look amazing on you.

B S: Thank you Thalia :)

T S: You are very welcome. So what do you think of the designers and the work they do?

B S: Love her... she is such a great designer... I did find Jador in the Best of Italian Mall a while back and I already had some Bolero creations.. I really think Italian designers are top of the line.

T S: So... tell me about you, How did you get into modeling?

B S: Funny story... I first started hosting... then got intrigued by my real life sister modeling in SL, then I met someone who was offering modeling lessons, however they turned out to be a scammer and just ran with my money, this very nearly put me off modeling until I met Kasen Kazan, and he said to me " Hey, come to LeBelle... I can help you" which is where I was instructed by Tula Howlett, she was fantastic... love her.

T S: That's terrible, sounds like Kasen and Jula saved your career in modeling?

B S: Yes... I owe so much to those two beautiful people.

T S: So when did you first hear about the shoot for the outfit in question?

B S: Well... Kasen was looking for live models and when he calls I run... hehe. I like to help him out as much as I can :)

T S: So what's next for you?

B S: Modeling... Modeling... Modeling... Hopefully I can make something happen lol

T S: Any projects in the pipeline?

B S: Well I am in the finals for the SL Elegance Competition which is on the 24th of April.

T S: Best of luck with that you have one more person wishing you every success.

B S: Awe Thank You :)

T S: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me

B S: My pleasure... anytime.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photography 101

I thought that since Shouted Couture was having a photo contest, that I would write an article about Photography Studio, and Photography. Does a person need to spend thousands of Lindens on a photography studio? Will they make you look like a million Lindens?
Well the answer to both of those questions is a Big Fat NO!
All a photo studio does is put together in one big prim what you might already have in your inventory. Photo studios just make it easier for you to take the photo.
I have seen thousands of SL pictures over the last couple of years. I would guess that less then 1/4 of the photographers in SL used a studio. They just pop out a prim put a texture on it and Bingo, they have a backdrop!
The art of taking a good photograph is not having a 8k Linden studio, the art is in the editing.
Photo Shop, Gimp, Photo Plus, and a host of others is what makes a good picture. Also we cannot forget your poses and the angle of the shot and lighting has a lot to do with it. I remember doing a photo shoot of a model. She kept telling me to stop using the cheap free poses. Well those cheap free poses that come in photo studios pose stand, may be free and not that great of a pose but I was using different angles while taking pictures. One of those pictures got more positive reviews then some pictures I took using expensive poses. ( I end up ejecting that model)
You might also consider having your pictures taken by a professional photographer. I will tell you to be careful of photographers who do not charge much. A good photographer can take up to 2 hours editing just one photo. It is time consuming, and a lot of work goes into making that picture into a Beautiful Glamor photo! At Di Carnelli's Photography Studios we take pride in making your photo's look their best! Many of our photos have help models win contest, and help them break into the fashion industry. If you are looking for a professional photographer contact us. If you are just looking to have fun break out that SL camera of yours and start taking pictures! If you would like to take a class on SL photography contact me.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shouted Couture Contest!

Have you always wanted to be a model?
Maybe have an extra 5000L's?
Now is your chance!
Shout Couture at Rebeck is having a Photo Contest.􀀀

(This is not a pay to vote contest)

There will be 5 judges.
Rules are very simple.
Take a picture of yourself wearing a Shouted Couture design that is being sold at Shouted Couture at Rebeck. (It does not have to be bought there, but be one of the styles)
The photos will be judged on style, pose, and grace. They do not have to be taken by a professional photographer!!
Attach the photo to a note card then drop it in a folder named "Shouted Couture and your name"
In a brief sentence tell why you love Shouted Couture Designs.
Send it to Kasen Kazan (with full perms)

The Contest will start April 20 and deadline for entries is May 5.

The winner will get 5000L's
A photo shoot by Di Carnelli's Studios
A Shouted Couture design (From Mimi Juneau of Mimi's Choice)
Le Belle Modeling Academy course in modeling.
An invite to become a Le Belle Model
A instore model for Shouted Couture.
Be a runway model in a Shouted Couture Show .

Second Place winner:
Photo shoot by Di Carnelli's Studio
A Shouted Couture design (From Mimi Juneau of Mimi's Choice)
Le Belle Modeling Academy course in modeling.
A instore model for Shouted Couture.

Fashoinista Fashion Shows

Le Belle Facon Modeling Agency gives you the exposure that you are looking for, in getting your beautiful creations seen!
Our goal is getting your creations noticed.
We offer the most affordable fashion agency packages in SL.
Jula Carnell, Chalice Carling, Lorelei Maggs,Butterfli Sorbet,Abandoon Nacht with many other professional models are dedicated to bringing you the best fashion show in SL.
One thing that Le Belle Facon prides itself in, is a drama free experience.
Under the leadership of Tula Howlett and Angelica Kweller, Le Belle Facon's mission is getting you noticed!
Tula Howlett offers those that are looking to become models one of the most intense modeling training courses offered in SL.
Why wait on other modeling schools to fill up a class. Tula works with all of our students in a small group, or one on one setting, at no additional cost.
If you thought that a professional fashion show produced by professional's cost an arm and leg think again!
Not only do we offer very affordable shows for your creations, we also provide a venue to showcase and sell you creations during and after all shows!
Le Belle Facon Agency and Academy works hard to make sure you are getting the best SL has to offer.
Contact Tula Howlett, Angelica Kweller

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Something to SHOUT about ...

Italian Couture ! Over the top chic, you either love it or hate it .... However SHOUTED COUTURE at Rebeck is definitely something to shout about ! The prestige of Italian fashion and its achievement within SL are second to none. Renowned designers, Ziamela Loon ( Jador ) and Amanda Bolero ( Bolero Collection) are the Co founders of the affordable fashion line, Shouted Couture.

Italian fashion always manages to distinguish itself from other designs and this a la mode collection is no exeception. Affordable chic, stamped with the 'Made in Italy' Brand. For anyone who is aware of Loon and Bolera, you will know that their items are made to the highest quality with a rather large price tag attached. However surprising enough, these high fashion ensembles are completely attainable with as little as 125 lindens in your purse, ascertaining the level of notability and eminence they deserve.
Stylecard - Model Lorelei Maggs
CARDINALE "Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Butterfli Sorbet
FASHIONS NEWS"Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Lorelei Maggs
ELIZABETH "Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Butterfli Sorbet

GOLD PETAL"Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Harlee Lane
DIANA WHITE"Shouted Couture"

Shouted Couture!, Fashionwear with a difference.

by Jula Carnell
Photos- Jula Carnell