Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life Style of a Fashionista

Being a Fashionista is more than a look, it is a lifestyle. Everything you say or do. The way you live says alot about you. After spending the last few weeks working at Di Carnelli's Landscaping and Wedding Center, I thought I would start to do some articles on living the fashionista life.
So with this one I decided to start with the house exterior. For Jula and me, the outside of our home is where we spend the most of our time. Lounging on the porch, in the pool, or the dance area is a very relaxing experience for us. These pictures were taken at Di Carnelli's Landscaping and Wedding Center.

Jula's favorite place at Di Carnelli's is the veggie patch. She can spend hours there. Well till she see a bug, then she runs screaming "Mr K, Mr K!
My favorite part of Di Carnelli's is the Cactus garden. Most of the cactus can be seen at the Ranch house, our weekend get away. Di Carnelli's has the largest selection of cactus in SL!
Truly Scrumptious Confectionary is Jula's cake shop. These cakes are truly a scrumptious Fashionista! Let Jula custom design your cake. She does cakes for all occasions. It is a labor of love to her!
Di Carnelli's Landscaping and Wedding Center has a very large selection of flowers and plants to give your house or business the Fashionista Look! We are very honored that Margie Snookums a master gardner, has relocated to Di carnelli's. Margie is well known in SL for her beautiful Climbers and orchids. So if you are looking for that specical plant or wedding decoration Di Carnelli's is the place the Fashionista's go.