Friday, October 12, 2012

Face Paint

Nearly 6 years in Second Life and I had never thought about wearing face paint. I mean Real Men don't wear makeup! Yesterday I was transported to a shop called "Face Paint" by my darling Jula. Where she was chatting with our dear friends Marge and Eve. 
Eve is the owner and designer of Face Paint.
While the ladies talked, and talked and... well you get my point. I took a walk around Eve's Place. Eve had said she had a men's section. So I headed there. As I looked at her offerings, I was debating with myself If I would wear Face Paint. I bought one, then another, and another! Then Eve started loading me up!
Once I tried one on I was hooked! How did I go so long in my FASHION journey without even trying Face Paint!

Being a Fashionista is all about style.
Creating a look that turns heads.
Making a Fashion statement.
Face Paints by Eve Express will set a man apart from others. 
I just evolved in my journey of Fashion.

   Top pic:Face Paint "Frolic"
Middle Pic:Face Paint "Zachary"
Bottom Pic:Face Paint "Swept Away"

Face Paint has a monthly contest with first prize of 10,000L$!
Head over to "Face Paint" and start creating your Fashion Statement!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


"PRETTY BALD IN PINK Photo Campaign is a charity project aimed to promote knowledge and support for cancer victims, families and everyone affected by this disease. Like last year, the idea is not to raise money, but to raise conscience and awareness about a subject that concern us all, to some more direct than to others." (Enzo Champagne)
Free item to grab at CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture 's mainstore:

Please join in helping promote this Campaign
That Enzo Champagne has going from 5 Oct.- 15 Nov.
I will be showing my support by wearing Enzo's 
PBIP outfit one day out of the week. Stop by Enzo's store and pick up your Free PBIP outfit.
Pretty and Bald,

Saturday, September 29, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I posted about my plans to join FMU ( Fashion / Modeling University).
Well the results are in!
FMU has to be one of the best places for a person to learn about the fashion and modeling industry.
I have been to several modeling schools, know the top models in the circuit, along with knowing owners and managers of other modeling schools.
I am not writing this to plug FMU, so they can get more students, which really does not matter since it is all free! I am writing about it because they really care.
If you go back 20 or 30 of the older post, you know I hate it when peeps charge thousands of Lindens to "teach modeling"
You can pay what you want, you will learn about modeling but one thing I can say is that you will not find anyone with the passion, that the instructor of FMU has!
Hermione Mocha and Cliff Sharktooth really care about their students, they really care about helping them succeed in the FASHION and Modeling world.
You know it has to be passion for the two, to teach 2 classes twice a day.
They are up front about modeling, the good and the bad. They don't promise you the "Runway" to Second Life Modeling. They give you the tools to succeed.
When Jula and me decided to come back to our roots in the gaming world, we knew that modeling would not be in our future. I just wanted to see how much things in the SL FASHION industry has changed. I for one am glad to see how the changes have been for the better in FASHION modeling. Glad to see that there are still at lease two people that really care about helping would be models learn the modeling world.
So why pay thousands of Lindens to learn about modeling when you can learn from the best for FREE! (Just think how many Wonderful FASHION designs you can buy saving those L$!)

Friday, September 28, 2012


The other day I received a note card titled
It is for a FASHION show on the 27th and 28th of October, at  Thibeau Auditorium, In Second Life.
I hope everyone can attend.
The years I have been on Second Life, I have met people from all over the world. People with disabilities In Real Life, that can escape the world they live in, and for a time leave those disabilities behind.
A place where the color of a persons skin is blind.
Where Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
can go and live on sims, where there is no hate.
Maybe one day, we will not have to escape to a role playing game. My hope is that one day we can live together in real life as we do in Second Life.
If you have not visited one of the Gay Sims of Second Life, you do not know what you are missing. Some of the most beautiful places in Second Life! So lets support Tolerance in Second Life by supporting the Gay Sims and their business. 
Tolerance Free, 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hot Dates!

I have a couple of Hot Dates tonight! 
Now I know I am very much married. Jula has been out of town, and I am not one to sit at home. Besides Jula don't mind me going out on the town with some Hot women, specially if they are dummies like these!
It all started this morning over a cup of joe. I was reading up on the latest Second Life FASHIONS, when out of the blue, lindens started flying into my account. I know I am good, but to have some Hot SL woman to start throwing money at me! Was I having flashbacks to my pole dancing days? After doing some investigating I found a "Shouted Couture" store on some land I had forgot about. 
I really do not pay attention to my Lindens$ except when I go to buy something, and my card is declined. Damn! I have a bank!
The dummy on my right is Noemi Fuxia (name of dress)
The one on my left is LICORICE.
Noemi Fuxia is 29L$ and Licorice is 99L$
One thing about Shouted Couture, is that it never go out of style!
Either one goes with my out fit "LINEN" by MENLOSOPHY, which goes for 395L$.
Both of my shops MENLOSOPHY and Shouted Couture can be found at The Diva, Borgatti (32, 249, 78) .
Better yet just type in "The Diva" in search, while inworld. Hope to see you there. (My Lindens$ might be running low after my date tonight!)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Blogs Come And Go!

I should know Fashionista was one! I have spent the last week reading every Second Life FASHION blog I could find. Looking for the new trends of FASHION designs.
Out of the two hundred or so that I read only about fifty have made post in the last month. Of that only about 25 in the last week or two. Is FASHION in Second Life dying? I guess just like Modeling, the older ones move on making room for the new ones. I do have to add, the older blogs that have been gathering dust for a year or more still have loads of information. 
As a blogger of SL FASHION we should be honest with our readers, and the designers. Are we here to blog to get free clothes? If you read some of my older post (from way back!) you will see, I really don't care about certain things in the FASHION industry of SL.
As one blogger told Jula, " He is a little blunt!"
I call it like I see it.
As bloggers we have a duty to our readers and designers.
I would hope a designer who is wanting someone to review an item, would want a honest opinion. Do we take it for granted that they just want to get their designs out to the public? Could it be they are wanting an honest opinion so they can decide if they want to release it, or maybe redesign it?
I may only have a few designers that I will review, for exchange of items. They will get a fair review but an honest one.
Over the weekend I went by Nicky Ree's main store. ( For what I am about to say, I might get run out of Second Life!) I spent about 2 hours looking at all of her designs.
I would have to say I liked maybe about a 1/4 of what I saw. I made the comment to Jula, " I think Nicky must have worked at a strip club before she started designing." Don't get me wrong, all of her designs are well made. From a males point of view, I know I would not like Jula wearing a lot of her designs, but I have high standards for her! I did see about 10 designs I will be buying for Jula. They are some of the most Stunning designs I have seen in Second Life. If Monroe, and Hepburn were alive, they would be the first in line!
I guess what I am trying to get across, is as bloggers we should be true to a set of standards for our readers, but most of all to the designers who put long hours in creating a design. I challenge my peers to step it up a notch. Now you may say, "He's just a male, what does he know about FASHION?"
When you walk by, the first thing I notice is how you are dressed. If it don't turn my head I'll keep walking.
If you do turn my head then you can be sure it is FASHION!
(Nicky, you are a fabulous Designer. You are a mainstay  of Second Life FASHION. Now is there a chance I could get a discount? I promise Jula Carnell some of your Stunning designs!)

Added note. To be fair to Miss Ree, I did not even take into consideration her Wedding Designs, when reviewing. They were all stunning! I am a sucker for Wedding dresses, when I see one it makes me want to marry Jula over and over!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


FASHION Modeling Universty will be where my new journey in Second Life FASHION starts.
Jula and I have decided to slowly work our way back into SL FASHION. Just to get updated on new trending designers and models.
So my first step was signing up at FMU, located an JCNY. The classes are free, and the instructors Hermione Mocha and Cliff Sharktooth seem to really care about their students.I went to a recent gradution of their students. All the models clothes were provided by Designer Angel Dessous.
As you can see by the photos the designs were stunning! The models could not have pulled it off any better! They did an FASHIONISTA show! 
Hermione and Cliff you should be proud!
I am looking forward at being your student at FMU. I may even try to forget everything I know about modeling!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Along with Fashionista Blog, have started a just for men's blog Called "Can A Man Get A Break!" It will deal with men's fashion along with all the other one sided (female) things of SL Fashion. Keep an eye out at

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Since I have been out of SL Fashion Mode for awhile I decided to catch up by reading some of my favorite Second Life blogs.
I was sad to see most are lost in the dusty pages of the internet. (I know how that goes!)
I was glad to see that Cha Cha still pops into Second Life and keeps us updated with her "Chalice In Wonderland" blog.  Her style is cutting edge perfect!
I have yet to find someone in SL that has come close to Cha Cha's style and taste.
I met Chalice not by choice. My wife Jula Carnelli and Chalice were always together, to the point I started to plot how to end her Second Life!
Once I met her, well let me say that Chalice is one of the most beautiful persons I have ever met! (Not because of the beautiful Swimming Pool she gave Jula and me for a wedding gift) Chalice is a person who will go out of her way to help you anyway that she can! Any Fashion Designer that Cha Cha blogs about should feel honor, because every word she writes is with passion and truth.
Chalice will always be the top Fashion Model in my book.
Cha Cha you are the Queen of Second Life Fashion! (I do hopes Jula does not see this!)
Thank you Chalice for your Fashion!
  Kasen Kazan

Monday, September 3, 2012

School started!

You know how it feels after a nice long break from school, then you start back up. Well now you know how I feel being away from SL!
So as you can tell by the picture, I am wearing my best for the first day! I always looked forward to the first day of school, seeing old friends, making new ones. Seeing all the changes. Most of all checking out the new fashions.
Some things change for the good, then some don't change at all. I remember when LELOOK first opened. I was one of the lucky ones, I started going before the grand opening, when there was not much lag. After the first couple of weeks of their opening, the lag was unbearable!
Well I needed a new look so I headed to LELOOK!
I noticed a few new designers had taken up residents. The super mall of SL has started to show it's age. Some empty shops, some shops that look a little on the flea market side. Lag, well that is one thing that has not changed. The biggest change was lack of SL residents, the hour I was there, only 3 other's were there. I think one was a hooker, looking for tricks. She kept standing by the tp landing point. Maybe she lost her way and thought it was a poorly lit street corner. One thing I did noticed was the lack of clothes for men so off I went!
Now I have always been a fan of edo Tone. One of the best when it comes to male fashion. The clothes I am wearing in the picture is just one of the outfits I picked up while at edo's.
I think he may have a party this weekend, with what I spent there! After I get settle in SL I will start doing some reviews of male attire. I still have plenty of Lindens to spend!
One thing I did pick up on my spending spree was a new skin. I was in a hurry to get a skin I went right to Redgrave's. I am so glad to see some more nice mature men skins. I am out of my pretty boy stage. I think the one I bought has a more refined.
Julia and me spent today around our island, checking out our inventory. Anyone need anything? I am over 35,000 items. I deleted about 30 things. (Well it is a start!)
Julia and me plan on going on a shopping spree this weekend, anyone know of any new trending places?
So my plans in Second Life have changed somewhat. I still plan on doing photography at DiCarnelli's, and focus on Fashion. Might even start..............
By the way rumor has it I had a heart attack and passed on to the real SecondLife.
I am still alive, never the better!
I hope all of our old friends will say HI, and drop by the house to catch up on old times.
Look out SL Fashion, We're Back!

Julia Carnelli, and Mr. K (Kasen Kazan)