Sunday, September 9, 2012


FASHION Modeling Universty will be where my new journey in Second Life FASHION starts.
Jula and I have decided to slowly work our way back into SL FASHION. Just to get updated on new trending designers and models.
So my first step was signing up at FMU, located an JCNY. The classes are free, and the instructors Hermione Mocha and Cliff Sharktooth seem to really care about their students.I went to a recent gradution of their students. All the models clothes were provided by Designer Angel Dessous.
As you can see by the photos the designs were stunning! The models could not have pulled it off any better! They did an FASHIONISTA show! 
Hermione and Cliff you should be proud!
I am looking forward at being your student at FMU. I may even try to forget everything I know about modeling!


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