Saturday, September 29, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I posted about my plans to join FMU ( Fashion / Modeling University).
Well the results are in!
FMU has to be one of the best places for a person to learn about the fashion and modeling industry.
I have been to several modeling schools, know the top models in the circuit, along with knowing owners and managers of other modeling schools.
I am not writing this to plug FMU, so they can get more students, which really does not matter since it is all free! I am writing about it because they really care.
If you go back 20 or 30 of the older post, you know I hate it when peeps charge thousands of Lindens to "teach modeling"
You can pay what you want, you will learn about modeling but one thing I can say is that you will not find anyone with the passion, that the instructor of FMU has!
Hermione Mocha and Cliff Sharktooth really care about their students, they really care about helping them succeed in the FASHION and Modeling world.
You know it has to be passion for the two, to teach 2 classes twice a day.
They are up front about modeling, the good and the bad. They don't promise you the "Runway" to Second Life Modeling. They give you the tools to succeed.
When Jula and me decided to come back to our roots in the gaming world, we knew that modeling would not be in our future. I just wanted to see how much things in the SL FASHION industry has changed. I for one am glad to see how the changes have been for the better in FASHION modeling. Glad to see that there are still at lease two people that really care about helping would be models learn the modeling world.
So why pay thousands of Lindens to learn about modeling when you can learn from the best for FREE! (Just think how many Wonderful FASHION designs you can buy saving those L$!)

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