Monday, September 24, 2012

Hot Dates!

I have a couple of Hot Dates tonight! 
Now I know I am very much married. Jula has been out of town, and I am not one to sit at home. Besides Jula don't mind me going out on the town with some Hot women, specially if they are dummies like these!
It all started this morning over a cup of joe. I was reading up on the latest Second Life FASHIONS, when out of the blue, lindens started flying into my account. I know I am good, but to have some Hot SL woman to start throwing money at me! Was I having flashbacks to my pole dancing days? After doing some investigating I found a "Shouted Couture" store on some land I had forgot about. 
I really do not pay attention to my Lindens$ except when I go to buy something, and my card is declined. Damn! I have a bank!
The dummy on my right is Noemi Fuxia (name of dress)
The one on my left is LICORICE.
Noemi Fuxia is 29L$ and Licorice is 99L$
One thing about Shouted Couture, is that it never go out of style!
Either one goes with my out fit "LINEN" by MENLOSOPHY, which goes for 395L$.
Both of my shops MENLOSOPHY and Shouted Couture can be found at The Diva, Borgatti (32, 249, 78) .
Better yet just type in "The Diva" in search, while inworld. Hope to see you there. (My Lindens$ might be running low after my date tonight!)

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Jula Carnell said...

Lets be straight about a few things, most of the women you hook up with when I am 'out of town' are dummies! Nice work Mr K, Shouted Couture good clothes reasonably priced for any one with few pennies x