Monday, September 10, 2012

Blogs Come And Go!

I should know Fashionista was one! I have spent the last week reading every Second Life FASHION blog I could find. Looking for the new trends of FASHION designs.
Out of the two hundred or so that I read only about fifty have made post in the last month. Of that only about 25 in the last week or two. Is FASHION in Second Life dying? I guess just like Modeling, the older ones move on making room for the new ones. I do have to add, the older blogs that have been gathering dust for a year or more still have loads of information. 
As a blogger of SL FASHION we should be honest with our readers, and the designers. Are we here to blog to get free clothes? If you read some of my older post (from way back!) you will see, I really don't care about certain things in the FASHION industry of SL.
As one blogger told Jula, " He is a little blunt!"
I call it like I see it.
As bloggers we have a duty to our readers and designers.
I would hope a designer who is wanting someone to review an item, would want a honest opinion. Do we take it for granted that they just want to get their designs out to the public? Could it be they are wanting an honest opinion so they can decide if they want to release it, or maybe redesign it?
I may only have a few designers that I will review, for exchange of items. They will get a fair review but an honest one.
Over the weekend I went by Nicky Ree's main store. ( For what I am about to say, I might get run out of Second Life!) I spent about 2 hours looking at all of her designs.
I would have to say I liked maybe about a 1/4 of what I saw. I made the comment to Jula, " I think Nicky must have worked at a strip club before she started designing." Don't get me wrong, all of her designs are well made. From a males point of view, I know I would not like Jula wearing a lot of her designs, but I have high standards for her! I did see about 10 designs I will be buying for Jula. They are some of the most Stunning designs I have seen in Second Life. If Monroe, and Hepburn were alive, they would be the first in line!
I guess what I am trying to get across, is as bloggers we should be true to a set of standards for our readers, but most of all to the designers who put long hours in creating a design. I challenge my peers to step it up a notch. Now you may say, "He's just a male, what does he know about FASHION?"
When you walk by, the first thing I notice is how you are dressed. If it don't turn my head I'll keep walking.
If you do turn my head then you can be sure it is FASHION!
(Nicky, you are a fabulous Designer. You are a mainstay  of Second Life FASHION. Now is there a chance I could get a discount? I promise Jula Carnell some of your Stunning designs!)

Added note. To be fair to Miss Ree, I did not even take into consideration her Wedding Designs, when reviewing. They were all stunning! I am a sucker for Wedding dresses, when I see one it makes me want to marry Jula over and over!


Jula Carnell said...

Oo harsh words for one of the most established designers in formal wear in SL. I havent been to her store since coming back to SL, maybe I need to have a look. Maybe things have changed, maybe people have changed, maybe SL is not the place it used to be and remember. I will look forward to receiving these dresses you have identified for me. To date I do not beleive I have received anything in my inbox. All my love x

Kasen Kazan said...

You know me Mrs.K, I will let you pick out the ones you want. That is if you are ever decide to make an appearance.
I was going to gift them to you, but as know my taste and style is a bit different from yours. You know me, I like a more Defined look. xoxo