Monday, September 3, 2012

School started!

You know how it feels after a nice long break from school, then you start back up. Well now you know how I feel being away from SL!
So as you can tell by the picture, I am wearing my best for the first day! I always looked forward to the first day of school, seeing old friends, making new ones. Seeing all the changes. Most of all checking out the new fashions.
Some things change for the good, then some don't change at all. I remember when LELOOK first opened. I was one of the lucky ones, I started going before the grand opening, when there was not much lag. After the first couple of weeks of their opening, the lag was unbearable!
Well I needed a new look so I headed to LELOOK!
I noticed a few new designers had taken up residents. The super mall of SL has started to show it's age. Some empty shops, some shops that look a little on the flea market side. Lag, well that is one thing that has not changed. The biggest change was lack of SL residents, the hour I was there, only 3 other's were there. I think one was a hooker, looking for tricks. She kept standing by the tp landing point. Maybe she lost her way and thought it was a poorly lit street corner. One thing I did noticed was the lack of clothes for men so off I went!
Now I have always been a fan of edo Tone. One of the best when it comes to male fashion. The clothes I am wearing in the picture is just one of the outfits I picked up while at edo's.
I think he may have a party this weekend, with what I spent there! After I get settle in SL I will start doing some reviews of male attire. I still have plenty of Lindens to spend!
One thing I did pick up on my spending spree was a new skin. I was in a hurry to get a skin I went right to Redgrave's. I am so glad to see some more nice mature men skins. I am out of my pretty boy stage. I think the one I bought has a more refined.
Julia and me spent today around our island, checking out our inventory. Anyone need anything? I am over 35,000 items. I deleted about 30 things. (Well it is a start!)
Julia and me plan on going on a shopping spree this weekend, anyone know of any new trending places?
So my plans in Second Life have changed somewhat. I still plan on doing photography at DiCarnelli's, and focus on Fashion. Might even start..............
By the way rumor has it I had a heart attack and passed on to the real SecondLife.
I am still alive, never the better!
I hope all of our old friends will say HI, and drop by the house to catch up on old times.
Look out SL Fashion, We're Back!

Julia Carnelli, and Mr. K (Kasen Kazan)

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