Friday, October 12, 2012

Face Paint

Nearly 6 years in Second Life and I had never thought about wearing face paint. I mean Real Men don't wear makeup! Yesterday I was transported to a shop called "Face Paint" by my darling Jula. Where she was chatting with our dear friends Marge and Eve. 
Eve is the owner and designer of Face Paint.
While the ladies talked, and talked and... well you get my point. I took a walk around Eve's Place. Eve had said she had a men's section. So I headed there. As I looked at her offerings, I was debating with myself If I would wear Face Paint. I bought one, then another, and another! Then Eve started loading me up!
Once I tried one on I was hooked! How did I go so long in my FASHION journey without even trying Face Paint!

Being a Fashionista is all about style.
Creating a look that turns heads.
Making a Fashion statement.
Face Paints by Eve Express will set a man apart from others. 
I just evolved in my journey of Fashion.

   Top pic:Face Paint "Frolic"
Middle Pic:Face Paint "Zachary"
Bottom Pic:Face Paint "Swept Away"

Face Paint has a monthly contest with first prize of 10,000L$!
Head over to "Face Paint" and start creating your Fashion Statement!

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