Friday, February 13, 2009

Houston, we have a problem!

For a month now, I have been having a very bad time.
I know that Fashionista is not a place to post personal problems, but I am at wits end!
I am sure I am going to upset some people with the next statement.
You see I am married to the most beautiful person in Second Life. Now before you start to question that statement, let me tell you a little about Jula Carnell.
I met Jula on her second day in Second Life.
From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that she was the one I wanted to spend my Second Life and Real Life with.
I even hired her to work for me, just to be close to her. ( It was hard for me to keep finding something for her to do at a job that ran on it own.)
We have had our fair share of ups and downs, just as in any relationship.
Mostly because of me, but I won't take all of the credit!
Jula will go out of her way to help anyone that she can.
One time she spent the day helping a girl who wanted to be a model, gave her clothes, lindens, and told her what to buy . The girl never even said thank you! Jula I love you because I know you would do it again.
Jula, got me on flickr, gave me a desire for fashion, photography and modeling.
Jula loves modeling more than anyone I know. she is one damn model, who works her heart out doing it. Jula would give it all up for me, if I asked her.
Jula I love you.
She is always there for me in Second Life, and Real Life.
We talk for hours everyday, sometime not even speaking a word for the longest time, but just knowing she is there, is all that matters. We finish each other sentences, have the same thoughts on most things.
We are getting ready to renew our love for each other. Two years of happiness, two years of love.
I love you Jula Carnell, more than you will ever know.
I did not come to SL to fall in love, but I am so happy that I have!
Second Life and Real Life will end one day, but my love for you will last forever.
Now getting back to my problem, you see Jula has just about every piece of Jewelry that can be found in SL. She has just about every fashion designer's creations. So what do I get her for Valentines Day?
Jula all I can give you is my love. All I can give you is my complete devotion. This is all I can give you. The only thing is, you already have it.
I love you Jula,
Have a Happy Valentines Day.
Mr. K


Chalice Carling said...

Oh Mr K that is just beautiful. I can totally see why you love that girl...I love her too. She has the most wonderful qualities anyone would wish for in a partner and as a friend she is incredibly special. I love the two of you...I love being around you, I love knowing you two are a unit, tight as tight can be. As you know, I love my rl partner more than life itself so all those things you say just makes me realise how fortunate one is to experience unconditional love :-))))

Can't wait to watch you two say I do again :-)

Jula Carnell said...

* smiles, wipes away a little emotional tear and thinks what a lovely man my Mr K is.

No one has ever said anything so nice to me and I know you truly mean it. I dont expect presents .. ok sometimes I love it when you get me little surprises, but to know that you are there and we can share these things together sounds perfect. I heart you skinny bean ! x x x