Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aloha!! That is Aloha shirts from Shiki Designs. Time to hit the beaches, that is after you hit Shiki Designs for their new Aloha Shirts. Now I have yet to blog about gifts from designers, I feel that most bloggers will not be honest in giving a truthful review cause their gravy train might get cut off. After 7 months of getting items from Shiki Designs, I can honestly say that it is well worth the Lindens to shop there. If you are looking for that nice tropical look, waste no time getting to Shiki Designs.
The shirt on the left is Brown Ginger , the one on the right is Flowers. They retail for 220L's and that includes 4 layers, plus a nice prim collar.
Summer 2009 Aloha Shirts comes in 10 designs.
Yes I broke down and did this review on a designer's gift, but they do outstanding work, which is hard to find in mens clothes in SL.
So as you head for the beach, stop by Shiki Designs and pick up some Aloha Shirts!

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