Saturday, August 1, 2009


I was going to blog about My store "Menlosopy" and show you some of the outfits. I IM'ed Eve Express, designer and creator or Body by Eve Skins and Shapes to get one of her new male skins. Now Eve is my closest friend, just after Jula. I tried not to ask for a skin very often, because I end up with every fat pack she has.
Eve has been perfecting all of her skins over the last few months. I think she has perfected the male and female skins with her Sheen line!
Eve is very detailed when it comes to the body. She spends hours on the torso. Her back, torso and legs are some of the best in SL! (Both the female and male skins.)
So ladies and gentelmen if you are looking for an makeover you need to stop by. You can pick up some new skins and shapes from body by Eve (BBE), mens wear by Menlosopy, and womens, by Shouted Couture. I also have some killer ladies boots for only 50 Lindens!
There are only 5 shops, so your shopping experience is lag free! I think the picture above said it all "Hummm Nice"!

IM Kasen Kazan inworld and I will send you a landmark!

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Labella Farella said...

wow great entry so hard to find skins sometimes