Thursday, January 29, 2009

And the Trophy goes to...............

Best mens shoes- Redgrave
Best mens slacks- Redgrave
Best mens shirts- Redgrave
Best lag- REDGRAVE!
I love shopping at Redgrave, I just do not like going at 12:00 am slt when there is less lag.
As successful as Redgrave is they should open a couple of more stand alone stores.

Best Mall design- LE.Look
Best selection for males- LE.Look
Best selection for females- LE.Look
Best designers in one place-LE.Look
Best lag- LE.LOOK!

The day LE.LOOK opened I fell in love! Had to be the best shopping experience in SL. I went everyday for two weeks spending a couple of hours there everyday. Then Second Life's worst enemy stepped in, LAG!
In Second Life people try to be a success, to become in SL something that is alot harder to do in RL. I guess just like being a RL success, Second Life has it's price to pay. Long hours and hard work to make ones dreams come true. The price of being successful in SL has to be LAG, you know you hit the big time when it takes your customers several minutes and several crashes to go from one store to another. It is with great sadness that I will not be shopping at Redgrave and LE.LOOK anytime soon, unless I sneak away after 12:00am slt.
If any of you can bare to put up with the lag, and you feel like buying me a gift from Redgrave or LE.LOOK, send it my way, till then I'm shopping lag free!

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