Saturday, January 3, 2009

Editor's Fashionista Corner

I was reading a press release from a fashion magazine. I do not know the details of why it was sent to it's group members, since they state in the release "of unbounded good behaviour, and Mr.***** has recently made a number of vitriolic and personal attacks on an SL Designer. ****** Magazine prides itself on it's neutrality,"
So it is not alright for a person to make comments about an SL Designer, but it is alright for a magazine to make "vitriolic and personal attacks" on the person they said did it to a designer!
I can tell you now that Fashionista cares more about fashion and it's readers, than worry about losing an advertiser's Lindens!
We take pride in telling you, our readers if a top sl fashion designer has released a piece of Crap! We take more pride in being able to bring you a review of a fashion creation, before you go out and spend your lindens on that piece of crap!
We might upset a designer here and there, but that is not our intentions, we are here to bring you the latest fashion news, the good and the bad of SL's fashion industry. So while other fashion magazines, bring you the nice and tidy reviews and fashion news, Fashionista will report and do articles on SL fashion ! We may not have the top designers buying ads, but we will have you the readers, and that is what Fashionista is all about!


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