Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miss Fashionista

"Garbo" The name defines the word Fashionista!
Seventy years, and Greta Garbo's style and fashion still influences a lot of todays top designers.
Will the "Garbo Look" be coming to SL anytime soon? For any up and coming designer, If you want to create a fashion statement and a new trend in SL (trust me on this.) Go Garbo! Don't just be a fashion designer, be a trend setter!

Fashionista Magazine has been looking, for the past several months for someone to be the face of our Magazine/Blog. Someone that in essence says Fashionista. If Greta Garbo was still alive, no doubt she would be that person.
In my search for that perfect Fashionista, I was looking for that trend setter that
would catch the eye of everyone she comes in contact with. Someone that people would turn their heads, as she passes by. Someone who is not afraid to think outside the typical SL Fashion box in the way she looks, and dresses.
We at Fashionista Magazine/Blog, are very honor to give you "Miss Fashionista" Luralie Bailey!

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Chalice Carling said...

Fantastic choice. I have worked with Luralie before and she does have that unique look. The photo's are just gorgeous and she will be a wonderful face of Fashionista :-)))

Go Luralie :-)