Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mimi's Choice is my Choice!

Not into malls? Going from one store to another to see the top desgners latest creations?
No need for that with "Mimi's Choice"!
Mimi's Ladies and Gentelmens stores has the top fashion designers creations on display. Her "Gentlemen Best Brands" store reminds me of the cigar room at New Yorks Waldorf's Hotel.
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mimi Juneau to ask her some questions.

You was named "SLENTREPRENEUR 2008". Congratulations! Tell us how you feel about winning this honor?
I feel great ! And yes it's a great honor! I was nominated with 12 other people.... real great persons in SL, like Dakota Neumann of GOL and 6th Element, Robustus Hax of MBC, Rusch Raymaker CEO of AVENUE...etc

Who is Mimi Juneau?
I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I have been in SL for 2 years now. Here I have a nice home at Olivine Island, where I live alone with my dog Napoleon. But most of my time , you can find me in my shops next to Redgrave.

What inspired you to open "Mimi's Choice?
I was fascinated by the nice clothes, ballroom gowns , I saw here. I tried to figure out how to make clothes myself, but no luck :( Then I bought some nice resell items, change them a bit, added things and made my own pictures. And it sold! :)

How do you decide which designers you show at Mimi's Choice?
Bax Coen was the first I asked, if she wanted sell in my shop. I loved her boots from the first moment I saw them! I'm very grateful she said yes :) After Bax came Zhao shoes, Sartoria, Jador etc...
I only want to sell what I like myself, hight quality ! I owe that to my customers !

When did "Mimi's Choice" first hit Second Life? and did you ever expect it to be what it is today?
I opened my first shop, 2 years ago, in the Redgrave sims. I never expected I would grow like this. I just wanted a little shop to keep busy here :)) But believe me, it takes a lot of time and work. A lot of people try to copy.

Do you feel that there is enought designers of mens fashion is SL?
Of course there is more choice in lady's outfits, but in last few months I have seen a lot of new shops for men in SL. So I think men have enough to choose from now. And I'm trying to collect the best in my men's store.

What do you think about SL fashion, and tell us what you would like to see in SL fashion?
I go to a lot of fashion shows, and what I see is that the dedigners have improved a lot, when you compare them with the clothes of 2 years ago. A lot has changed, now they use prim parts and sculpties.

How do you relax?
I like to go to a good concert in SL to see great performers, such as Reis Alter, DonFranko Dagostino, Jonas Luasea and more.
I can go wild on the tunes of Jonas or at Truehouse Café. LOL!
I also like a romantic dancing under the stars....

If you could make one fashion trend is SL go away, what would it be?

Do you go shopping or just pop over to one of your stores?
No , I don't shop anymore. I have so many nice things from very good designers. But peole expect me to wear the things I sell in my shop :)))), and that's ok, because I get new things every day, the best you can get !! lol

Mimi Juneau, has to be one of the most helpful and nicest person I have meet.
I find myself going back to her stores more and more! You get a chance, stop by, and say hello to Mimi, I'm sure you will agree with me!

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