Saturday, December 13, 2008

Over Rated?

I recently asked some models which SL designer is over rated.
Out of about 20, only one came back and said "Stiletto Moody Shoes"
Now being married to a model that has a "shop till I drop mentallty" I am well aware of Stiletto Moody and her boots and shoes. The times that I have been there, the place was packed, and the lag was horrendous!
So when the wife offers a limo to Moody's I dec
I did make it over there last night very late, and there was only 3 others in the store. I spent about 45 mins. there, looking at every item she sells. The details are exceptionally fine. Stiletto offers about 15 different styles, with a wide selection of colors for each one.
Now is Stiletto Moody Shoe's over rated?
I don't think so for the quality of the products she offers.
Personally I would buy a pair for my lovely wife every week. (Sorry Stiletto I just don't do gift cards, I'm a gift giving man)
As a Fashionista, we take pride in our style, and looks, so if a 1,500L pair of shoes is what it takes to achieve that look then no, Stiletto Moody Shoes is not overrated. She may be over priced for the everyday person, but we can't all be Fashionista's!


Chalice Carling said...

I do love Moody's. I don't care what I pay for them because there is always something special with each shoe style.

So if there are any men out there that love giving gifts just because they can and expect nothing in return, Chal is your girl. lol. Only joking :-)

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Moody's shoes are so lovely! I would kill for a pair of those shoes! Please let me kill someone for her shoes :)