Friday, December 12, 2008

Models with Tude

When I decided to open a modeling agency and academy, little did I know about Models with Tude. From my past experiences seeing models at shows with their smiling faces, and bubbley personalties I thought that all models were all around nice people.
Well all models are not as nice as they seem.
I think some of it comes from the fashion academies and agencies.
They have Classified their models in groups.
We have the : Super model, Top model, Elite model on the high end.
Training model, Beginner model, and Model on the lower end.
My first experience with a Tude model, was right after I open Le Belle Facon. I was looking for a director to run it. One of the applicants within the first 2 mins of meeting me, proceeded to tell me of her grand ideals of how the agency building and landscaping should be laid out, along with her plans on how she was going to run it. After talking to her about it, I remembered that it was my agency!
I think she fitted in the "Elite model" class.
Right off I knew that I did not want titles for our models.
How would it feel to be a new model right out of a modeling academy, surounded by all the top,super and elite models. I would be a nervous wreck the first time I stepped out on the runway with them. More worried about what they would think of me, then in doing my job.
I had one model pull me to the side and told me that I needed to change the tag of some models, to training models, cause they have not earned the right to be called a model! She must have been a "Super Model".
Don't get me wrong there are some models I would call Elite, Super and Top models. Like Chalice Carling, Mimmi Boa, Imogen Miklos, Jula Carnell, and the list goes on. They earned the titles, by going out of their way to help the newer models, They are nice, considerate, respectful to everyone they work with. Yes they, and many others are Super Models in my eyes! They earned the titles they have, but they did not earn it with TUDE!

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Veronica Krasner said...

Very well written Kasen!
I recently knew from a friend of mine, who was CEO on one of the first agencies I worked for, that some "famous top elite model" (I won't say her name) didn't want to walk on the same runway with me because I was a "newbie model" and besides she was jealous because a famous skin designer picked me to showcase her skin and not her :/
Oh well, she is certainly a TUDE model :)
Keep up the good work!