Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LE.LOOK is LE Place!

LE.Look is LE Place!
I received a press release from Moonaco Porta, and an IM asking if I would take a look at LE.LOOK. I read the press release, the opening statement said "Get ready to enter the ultra trendy, innovative and always stylish world of LE.Look!"
I really do not like shopping malls, the lag, the crowds, and let not forget the camping and prize chairs!
I told Moonaco, that I would visit her's and Sawyer Campese's sim, but I make it clear that if I wrote about LE.LOOK that I would be honest and pull no punches!
Besides anyone that IM's me out of the blue, asking me to do a write up is looking for trouble. (One mark against them.)
Well Moonaco, I hope you are ready! You deserve this for asking. No, you deserve this because LE.LOOK is the best built shopping sim experience that I have ever had!
The landing point is right in the middle of the Shopping Experience. (so hate the Mall word!) the first thing I notice was space, lots of space. The place could be maxed out with shoppers, and you would not have to worry about bumping in to anyone unless you tried. I walked around LE.LOOK, then walked around it again. I visited each store. They are all stores, not spaces as most shopping areas have.
Each store is well laid out, not cramped. The stores displays are well spaced, so if there are several shoppers looking at the same item, you do not get all bunched up trying to get a look. The "Shopping Experience" has 4 well spaced out fountains that run the length of the sim, with benche to sit and take in the beauty. There you will find fine designers such as Nolabel, Baiastice, Indyra Originals, Bax Coen, Yabusaka, Zaara, plus over 20 more well known SL designers and stores.
I spent a total of over 4 hours, in 4 visits at LE.LOOK, and plan on going back as much as possible. LE.LOOK is very relaxing, which I find I need more each day.
So if you are ready for a Shopping Experience, then LE.LOOK is the place to go.

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