Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feathers, Scorpions, Lizards, Oh My!!!

How do you compare fashion designers, with different styles?
Well if you know a way please let me know!
I will not try to compare these two creations, because each one is vastly different in style. What I would like to do is compare the bang for your lindens.
I went to Mimi's Choice, and picked out a dress created by Ziamela Loon of
Jador Fashion.
Ziamela, has some very lovely creations, several I will be buying for gifts.
Her "Ultraviolet" dress caught my eye. It is a deep violet skirt that has a flowing feather boa. In between is a sequin scorpion, with claws covering the breast.
It sells for 1,200L's
Besides catching my eye, it made me wonder what type of person would buy it.
If anyone has ever attended a fashion show, one knows that 90% of the dresses are not created to be sold. Prada, Gucci, Fendi, and other famous designers create these dresses to catch the eyes of the world. Fashion house buyers attend these shows to get an idea of new and different designs, then get with the designers with ideals of what they are looking for. Then these famous designers create the dresses you see gracing stores in Milan, London, and New York.
Looking at Jador's "Ultraviolet" it must have been one of these creations, meant never to leave the runway!
Getting back to who would buy this dress, I did think of a few possibilities of who might buy it. Well just two. One would be that husband or boyfriend thats buys it because they think it is sexy. The other would be an exotic dancer hoping to rope in a sugar daddy with the boa, then stinging him for every Linden he has!
Moving on from the feathers and scorpions we go to Scarlett Niven of "The Niven Collection Shop".
It is my opinion that Niven Collection Shop is a time bomb ready to explode!
Natural Lizard Coat Dress w/Accessories sells for 600L's.
This beautiful dress has a leather belt between the skirt and top. A removable lizard choker and matching shoes. This design was differently create for the fashion stores of Milon, London and New York!
Any true Fashionista would not waste time getting to "The Niven Collection Shop"!
She has a beautiful "Holiday Red Dress & Accessories for 550L's on the second floor that is to die for!!
This month we compared feathers, scorpions, and lizards. The lizards win hands down!


Jula Carnell said...

I think its very difficult to compare designers. You are right about costs though. Many designers up their prices based on how well known they are in SL. Jador has some wonderful clothes and people are paying for the name, to be seen in these creations. Scarlett as you know is only just starting out on the design ladder, but already she has a major fan base. I like both outfits, but for me, the lizard wins hands down, based on creativity, cost and individuality x x x

Scarlett Niven said...

Thank you so much for all of your kind words about my shop! I definitely wanted to do some different things with my line and while it's not everyone's cup of tea, my thoughts were to do something that didn't look like others and that mirrored a real high-end fashion line. I'm a grateful for all the fabulous fashionistas who have bought things and for your wonderful feedback. Look for Spring/Summer 2009!