Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Price or Big Ego?

Several months ago JD Hansen, that fabulous jewelry designer of JCNY released a limited release of a beautiful necklace. There are to be only 30 sold at 30,000L's each. The first time I went to have a look, I was there about 20 min. Was it worth 30k? Would I buy it?
My first thoughts were that no creation in SL is worth 30K!
The more I looked at one of the necklace's the more I liked it. For several months I been trying to decide to buy one for my lovely wife.
It diffently would not be something to wear everyday. It would be something to wear at special events. A nice evening out at a Gala, or a cocktail party maybe at a photo shoot for a 35K outfit. Yes there is a 35,000L outfit! It is by Zullay Designs, their Limited Collection." So limited there is only one. For 35K you get 18 different items with it. Mix or match, that is still about 1,800L's per item.
You will get a personal fitting if you bought it, and you can request a personal showing before you buy it. Now when I heard about the outfit, In my mind I saw the most beautiful gown ever created, so when I was tp'ed to Zullay Designs, I was looking with anticipation for this beautiful creation. Rezzing was never so long, as I look at the pictures popping up before my eyes. Slowly moving my eyes as each picture became fully rezzed. I turned around several times, before asking where that beautiful creation was! My friend said very plain and simple "You're standing in front of it". My first reaction was "This is not a beautiful 35K dress." This was not even a dress!
Now this is a very smart looking outfit. I'm sure it would have no problem selling if the price was in the 700L price range. It is not worth 35,000L's!
I would think that the owner's ego had taken over, but looking at the other items in her main store, I saw she had some very lovely creations. I will be bringing the wife back, and spend some time and linden's at Zullay Designs, but it will not be on a 35,000L outfit!
Are there creations in SL worth such outlandish prices? Well, I'm standing here in JCNY's vault, looking at a beautiful piece of art!

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