Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I was recently informed of a person that is in charge of marketing for a fashion agency. Which is good for the agency, except when they are marketing for two agencies! Is there no such thing as Loyalty in this time and age?
Do you think Pepsi and Coke use the same marketing agency?
If so who would they give their best effort to?
Of course $Linden's would have a play in it. A very large play in it.
Is it fair for all the employee's of the agency?
I guess one can have a show for Redgrave, and the other for hmmm.......
a lesser unknown designer.
Loyalty means a lot to me. I guess Lindens are not as important to me as friendship, doing the best I can for the person or company that hires me.
Since we are on the subject of Loyalty what do you think of a CEO of an fashion agency that is in management at another fashion agency? I am one who believes if you pay someone to do a job for you they are to be pay enough that they would not have to work for the competition, especially if they work at the same two agencies as the Marketing director of both agencies! So is loyalty important in SL fashion? A fashion agency has a duty to be loyal and honest to it's models. It is the models that make the agency. A designer has to be loyal to it's customers. It is the customers who keep coming back. I guess Lindens play a big part of being loyal, well to some, but not me. So next time you decide to hire someone, see where their loyalty is, or pay them more!

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