Friday, January 9, 2009

Dead End Runway

Runway shows are a thing of the past.
One of the hardest jobs in SL has to be running a fashion agency.
Not only are you running all over trying to find a designer willing to pay for a show, you also have a pool of models that you keep trying to find work for. As the CEO of Le Belle Facon, I have realized that runway shows are dying off. So I will tell you why I think Runway shows are a thing of the past.
The number one reason for me is LAG, along with CRASH and Burn!
A few weeks ago I went to a sim that was having a runway show, it took me 25 mintues before I could get in, the sim was full, so the only way I could get in was when someone crashed. It would usually be a model that would crash. There were whispers that people was being asked to leave or being ejected so the models could tp back, now I do not know if it was true, but knowing some agencies, I would not doubt it.
Another thing you have to take into consideration is the numbers.
Let say a fashion agency is having a show, with 3 different designers, charging 15,000L's per designer, that is 45,000L's.
Lets say the agency is using 15 models, plus 5 staff members, the 3 designers and their friends, That totals up to 23 people involve in the show.
I have been to shows that the runway sat in 4 corners of sims, people were crashing with 65 people on the sims. Most class 5 sims start crashing at about 50 or about 60 people on them. Let just say to me, the 15,000 Lindens are not worth it! Take away the 23 or so people working the show, that leaves only about 30-35 people who are able to see the show. That would mean the designer is paying about 200 per person seeing the show, now add the other two designers, they are paying the agency a combined 600L's per person to see their new creations!
I can think of better ways to spend those Lindens, and have those beautiful creations shown to 100's if not 1,000's of people.
For Le Belle Facon, the runway shows are being swept under the door, as we move on, in helping the designers reach a much larger audience for their Lindens. (Now we will do runway shows if a designer wants one) We would more than be happy to charge you 200L's per person that comes to the show, even if most of them are friends of the models and staff of the agency. A designer spends a lot of long hard hours creating their fantastic designs, so Le Belle Facon will give them what they deserve "EXPOSURE!" So it is time that fashion agencies give the designers what they are paying for! I know I am.

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Chalice Carling said...

Good for you Mr K. I have often thought the same thing when I've been walking a show. It is certainly not the ideal environment to actually see the clothes. To be honest I keep yelling out 'wooot woot' to the models and designs but don't always see the outfits in their best light. Now if only SL would smarten up and allow more ppl to be in one place.