Sunday, January 4, 2009

High Society Hits SL

Finding nice quality mens fashions has always been limited is SL.
This past year, the selection has been getting better.
I recently went to SF Designs to pick up a shirt. What I like about SF Designs is that you get a great quality product, without going broke.
While I was there. I noticed a sign for their "high end" mens and womens fashions, "High Society". Being the picky fashionista that I am , I decided to go have a look.
"High Society" offers a very nice selection of formal mens and womens fashions.
Usually when I pop into a store for the first time, I will buy one item, and try it on before I buy anything else.
That was not the case at High Society! I even had to go to the bank and load up on some lindens, to buy all that I wanted!
The selection that you get for each outfit can't be beat for the prices of their creations. SF Designs you have opened a store, that has earned you the "Fashionista Fashion" award!
All you Fashionista's be sure and check out High Society!

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