Sunday, April 19, 2009

Butterfli meets Shouted Couture

by Thalia Svoboda
As I looked around Shouted Couture today a particular piece caught my eye, a mix of sexy sophistication and monochrome chic, I am of course talking about the outfit called "Fashion News White". The Outfit consists of a fitted white jacket with monochrome news print effect on both the high collar and cuffs, skinny news print effect pants depicting Betty Boop and various other fashion images, uber glamorous white boots with silver star detail and a rather classic looking chunky silver belt with black buckle. If that got your fashion buds tingling then you'll be pleased to know it also comes in black.

This outfit designed by the fabulous Jador Fashion is a perfect example of her timeless and almost poetic designs, with her extraordinarily high standards of detail it is easy to see why this Italian designer has made such a name for herself. One of the first lucky women to wear this ensemble was the stunning Butterfli Sorbet of LeBelle Facon Modells. I caught up with her to see what she thought of the outfit.

Thalia Svoboda: Hi Butterfli thanks for joining me

Buttefli Sorbet: What an honor ty :)

T S: Well firstly I have to say you looked amazing in the outfit.

B S: Thank you :)

T S: So what were your thoughts of the outfit when you first saw it?

B S: The black and white caught my eye first... Those are my favorite colors... Then I saw the artsy design and the sexy cut of the jacket.

T S: Would you buy this outfit if you were out shopping?

B S: In a heartbeat, It's a complete outfit, with matching boots :)

T S: It did look amazing on you.

B S: Thank you Thalia :)

T S: You are very welcome. So what do you think of the designers and the work they do?

B S: Love her... she is such a great designer... I did find Jador in the Best of Italian Mall a while back and I already had some Bolero creations.. I really think Italian designers are top of the line.

T S: So... tell me about you, How did you get into modeling?

B S: Funny story... I first started hosting... then got intrigued by my real life sister modeling in SL, then I met someone who was offering modeling lessons, however they turned out to be a scammer and just ran with my money, this very nearly put me off modeling until I met Kasen Kazan, and he said to me " Hey, come to LeBelle... I can help you" which is where I was instructed by Tula Howlett, she was fantastic... love her.

T S: That's terrible, sounds like Kasen and Jula saved your career in modeling?

B S: Yes... I owe so much to those two beautiful people.

T S: So when did you first hear about the shoot for the outfit in question?

B S: Well... Kasen was looking for live models and when he calls I run... hehe. I like to help him out as much as I can :)

T S: So what's next for you?

B S: Modeling... Modeling... Modeling... Hopefully I can make something happen lol

T S: Any projects in the pipeline?

B S: Well I am in the finals for the SL Elegance Competition which is on the 24th of April.

T S: Best of luck with that you have one more person wishing you every success.

B S: Awe Thank You :)

T S: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me

B S: My pleasure... anytime.


Butterfli Sorbet said...

Thank you very much for a wonderful interview Thalia...and Kasen thank you as well :)

Mimi Juneau said...

I love the outfit, nice post Kasen !
Mimi Juneau
manager Shouted Couture