Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fashoinista Fashion Shows

Le Belle Facon Modeling Agency gives you the exposure that you are looking for, in getting your beautiful creations seen!
Our goal is getting your creations noticed.
We offer the most affordable fashion agency packages in SL.
Jula Carnell, Chalice Carling, Lorelei Maggs,Butterfli Sorbet,Abandoon Nacht with many other professional models are dedicated to bringing you the best fashion show in SL.
One thing that Le Belle Facon prides itself in, is a drama free experience.
Under the leadership of Tula Howlett and Angelica Kweller, Le Belle Facon's mission is getting you noticed!
Tula Howlett offers those that are looking to become models one of the most intense modeling training courses offered in SL.
Why wait on other modeling schools to fill up a class. Tula works with all of our students in a small group, or one on one setting, at no additional cost.
If you thought that a professional fashion show produced by professional's cost an arm and leg think again!
Not only do we offer very affordable shows for your creations, we also provide a venue to showcase and sell you creations during and after all shows!
Le Belle Facon Agency and Academy works hard to make sure you are getting the best SL has to offer.
Contact Tula Howlett, Angelica Kweller

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