Saturday, April 4, 2009

Something to SHOUT about ...

Italian Couture ! Over the top chic, you either love it or hate it .... However SHOUTED COUTURE at Rebeck is definitely something to shout about ! The prestige of Italian fashion and its achievement within SL are second to none. Renowned designers, Ziamela Loon ( Jador ) and Amanda Bolero ( Bolero Collection) are the Co founders of the affordable fashion line, Shouted Couture.

Italian fashion always manages to distinguish itself from other designs and this a la mode collection is no exeception. Affordable chic, stamped with the 'Made in Italy' Brand. For anyone who is aware of Loon and Bolera, you will know that their items are made to the highest quality with a rather large price tag attached. However surprising enough, these high fashion ensembles are completely attainable with as little as 125 lindens in your purse, ascertaining the level of notability and eminence they deserve.
Stylecard - Model Lorelei Maggs
CARDINALE "Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Butterfli Sorbet
FASHIONS NEWS"Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Lorelei Maggs
ELIZABETH "Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Butterfli Sorbet

GOLD PETAL"Shouted Couture"

Stylecard - Model Harlee Lane
DIANA WHITE"Shouted Couture"

Shouted Couture!, Fashionwear with a difference.

by Jula Carnell
Photos- Jula Carnell


Butterfli Sorbet said...

Wow I am shouting right now and so excited and proud to be a part of it! Kasen and Jula Rock!

Angelica Kweller said...

What lovely clothes and beautiful models. it is my great privilege to be working with and for such a wonderful group of people. Hugs to you all!!