Thursday, April 23, 2009

"When a designer makes a would be model buy her designs to be considered for a job."

The other night, I was doing some work at the "Academy of Performing Arts" when a notice from SL Models popped up. Seems that Ravissant's was having a model search. It had been awhile that I had done any modeling, and thought I would give it a shot. I had an application sent to me. I started to fill it out, then the small print caught my eye.

"Reminder: Please attach below a Headshot and a full body shot with an outfit from Ravissant desgins ONLY"

I had never heard of Ravissant Designs before, nor had any of their designs.
I proceeded to fill out the application anyway, figuring that they were looking for professional models.
When I got down to the part to put the pictures in, I attached a profile shot and body shot and added " (Sorry I don't own any Ravissant)
I will go and check out Ravissant's and see if I like any of their clothes, but I do not believe one should buy something to be considered for an modeling assignment. Just standards I live by."
Well I knew I would not get the job before I even sent it!
It is designers such as the owner of Ravissant that turn a lot of young ambitious models away from modeling. Someone just starting out as an model, would be hesitant to spend Lindens on clothes, without knowing for sure If they would get the assignment.
I do hope that designers would be more proud and confident of their creations, that they would not have to try and come up with with ways to get people to buy their clothes!
So Ravissant I give you a big thumbs down!

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HarmonyJade Yifu said...

Ravissant Designs did do a shady marketing scheme. I bought somethings from there to see how it would look,and the quality was poor, really it was. Call me rude, say my clothes that I make suck, but what I am saying is only the truth....