Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photography 101

I thought that since Shouted Couture was having a photo contest, that I would write an article about Photography Studio, and Photography. Does a person need to spend thousands of Lindens on a photography studio? Will they make you look like a million Lindens?
Well the answer to both of those questions is a Big Fat NO!
All a photo studio does is put together in one big prim what you might already have in your inventory. Photo studios just make it easier for you to take the photo.
I have seen thousands of SL pictures over the last couple of years. I would guess that less then 1/4 of the photographers in SL used a studio. They just pop out a prim put a texture on it and Bingo, they have a backdrop!
The art of taking a good photograph is not having a 8k Linden studio, the art is in the editing.
Photo Shop, Gimp, Photo Plus, and a host of others is what makes a good picture. Also we cannot forget your poses and the angle of the shot and lighting has a lot to do with it. I remember doing a photo shoot of a model. She kept telling me to stop using the cheap free poses. Well those cheap free poses that come in photo studios pose stand, may be free and not that great of a pose but I was using different angles while taking pictures. One of those pictures got more positive reviews then some pictures I took using expensive poses. ( I end up ejecting that model)
You might also consider having your pictures taken by a professional photographer. I will tell you to be careful of photographers who do not charge much. A good photographer can take up to 2 hours editing just one photo. It is time consuming, and a lot of work goes into making that picture into a Beautiful Glamor photo! At Di Carnelli's Photography Studios we take pride in making your photo's look their best! Many of our photos have help models win contest, and help them break into the fashion industry. If you are looking for a professional photographer contact us. If you are just looking to have fun break out that SL camera of yours and start taking pictures! If you would like to take a class on SL photography contact me.